Do Bromley Escorts in London Need to Look like Barbie dolls to be successful?

In this judgmental society we live in, young ladies in London are given the idea that a good representation of feminine beauty is Barbie dolls. You get the physical appearance as having perfect skin, vivacious boobs, beautiful blonde hair, long legs and small waist. There are lucky women who appear to look like beautiful Barbie dolls, but majority of the women in London are not even close to the “feminine beauty” image that Barbie resembles.


Seeing this kind of picture from the society as a whole, Bromley escorts and other girls in London working in the escorts agencies need not to look like Barbie dolls for them to have successful careers within the business. Why?


Most London or Bromley escorts find it more beneficial to them if they do not appear closely

beautiful and perfect as a Barbie doll. This means that they’re at higher

percentage of attracting and getting potential clients.


If Bromley escorts look like a Barbie doll, then she might be left out and potential clients won’t be attracted to her. There are different types of male customers. There are those men especially in London who desire girls with curvaceous figures and there are those who want girls with edgier images and personalities. If all Bromley escorts look just like Barbie dolls, then clients will not have the chance to select variations in terms of the escorts physical appearance. London Companions have different tastes for Bromley escorts, so that to meet these kinds of demands from male clients. Unfortunately some London escorts agencies do not cater to all of their customers as they only have Barbie like girls available (to be honest some of the images on the site are most likely fake) but for a London escort agency with genuine images and beautiful escorts of many variations the best site to visit is


If Bromley escorts in London follow the resemblance of a Barbie doll, then they throw a lot of competition away. Competition within the sex industry plays a vital role in this kind of business. As a woman joins the escorting industry, she wants to create her own image that could meet some requirements of the traditional market. By creating an own image in the industry, a woman working in prostitution is able to suit one sector, thus creating variations for the customer.


Less pressure is felt by the Bromley escorts in London if they don’t fit the looks of a Barbie doll. If you base your promotions on being perfectly beautiful and sexy just like the toy, then you must maintain that look and image as well as sustain the “wants” and expectations of your companions. Bromley escorts who are less alike with the image of a Barbie doll also have the freedom to change her imaging style whenever they want to.


There are more interesting customers who book for non-doll looking London escorts. Several men who like to have encounters to Barbie looking sex workers are mostly self-centered and shallow-hearted. However, men who book for London escorts who have a more womanly physique usually are more interesting and want deeper relation with the girls. These types of clients present different sides of their personalities, more adventurous and curious clients.


There is more appeal exuding when a sex professional doesn’t look closely as Barbie. Some imperfections of a prostitute stand out dominantly as an individual worker. This can emphasize her beauty in a unique way. This can make her client see her as a more perfect individual compared to a perfectly beautiful sex worker. Moreover, these imperfections make the girl truer and more approachable, which is more vital in creating a good client-escort relationship.